Model Code of Conduct

We have spoken about how the photographer is supposed to act and what they are supposed to do. Now we need to go over the way models are supposed to act while on site. Being a model can be a lot of fun, but it is still technically a job. You do need to conduct yourself as if you are at a standard 8 hour job. You can have fun while doing it, don’t get me wrong, but you still need to act as a professional. Sometimes, by not acting in a professional manner, is how some GWC (Guys With Cameras) events happen. Getting too relaxed and careless can send the wrong idea. If you conduct yourself appropriately, you can minimize if not eliminate any chances of these experiences. We will also discuss a few things you need to do if you find yourself in these situations.

If you decide to become a model for a hobby or you wish to pursue it as a profession, you still need to be professional about it. You have to remember, any photographers, stylists, make up artists, or assistants have a lot of time involved in a shoot long before you even get there. Your conduct can make or break a shoot in seconds wasting your time and theirs. This can put a significant mark against you for future photo shoots and lower how desirable you are to other professionals. Modeling takes much more than standing in front of a camera.


1. Have a Quality Portfolio
A portfolio is your resume in the model world. You need to have a professional and up to date portfolio, the quality of the images will determine your success along with a great personality and professionalism. Focus on Quality not Quantity. Better pictures will always get you more notice than having a lot of them. Please do not use the cell phone pictures or your night out in the club drunken party pictures to show how “versatile” you are. You will not get a fair shake if you post your cell phone picture of you in the mirror. It only hurts you and shows you as inexperienced. Once you have an established portfolio, you can post some on your social media sites when a quality camera is not around, but do not use them for your portfolio.

2. Take Care of Yourself
You need to eat well, sleep well, exercise, and limit drinking. Your body is why you are a model and your most valued commodity. You would think that it would not need to be said, but it does. You do not want to miss an opportunity because you are hung over or messed up from a medication. Know how things will effect you, especially any medications. No Drinking the night before a shoot. Arriving while still drunk is an absolute NO! Having a hangover for the shoot is not going to be beneficial for you or the photographer. You can not perform at your best if you do not feel your best.

3. Please Be Clean
Even if you are going to get totally covered by some of the craziest things on earth, you need to be clean when you arrive. You do not want anything to interact with your shoot. Sometimes it can be seen in the pictures if you have not done so. Make sure you protect your skin, nails, eyes, hair. If you have body modifications, make sure they are clean and not red or irritated in any way. If they are, either remove or cover up those areas to help the photographer.

4. Have a Great Attitude
Contrary to belief it is not all about good looks, and a lot of your success will rely on your attitude, self-discipline and confidence. If you are hard to work with by always second guessing or complaining, you may be sent home on the spot. Be able to take directions too. Know when you need to speak up and when you need to listen. If someone is trying to give you direction and you are talking or acting out, you can miss out on the entire plan for a shoot.

5. Hurry Up and Wait
It is very important that you let the photographer know if you can’t attend or get delayed  for a  photo  shoot. It will decrease your shoot time or even ruin it. If it is an outdoor shoot, the light is the key and you could end it before you get there. It is important to remember that there are times a whole team of professionals booked for your shoot, so if you are not available at the last minute, it jeopardizes the whole shoot and you may not be asked to work for that photographer or client again.

You must also be ready to stand around a lot. There are a lot of things going on and coordinating it all can cause delays. You do not need to get impatient or irritated if you have to wait. Take the time to relax, watch the photographer, or anything else you can to stay out of the way and prepare to shoot again. Things go wrong, no need to add to the troubles.

6. Be Prepared and REPLY
Always carry a pen and paper to write down all the details for a shoot. At least make sure it is spelled out in an email. Respond once you received it and are good with it. Nothing frustrates a photographer more than not knowing if the model is on board with a shoot or if they even read the email.

7. Compensation is For You Alone
Never discuss your fee with the client, other models or people on set. It is just rude and can cause troubles in the shoot with hurt feeling if someone did not get what you were paid. This can ruin chances for quality pictures or working with any of them again.

8. You Might Not Like It
Be pleasant at all times. When you are hired as a model, you must remember you are a blank canvas. The client decides what you shall wear and how you should look. The client, make-up artist and stylists create the vision. It is unprofessional to resist or try to change your clothes, make-up, or hair even if you don’t like it. If you have a problem on set or are uncomfortable with something you have been asked to do or wear, please discuss it with the photographer. There are times where it is unintentional due to the stress the photographer is under to get the shots needed. If that is not the case and you did not agree to it before hand,

9. Be Prepared
When asked to provide wardrobe for a shoot, you must take a selection of certain types of clothes relating to the job. This does not mean, one or two items, it means as many options as possible.

Children <18 Years of Age
Every child is beautiful in their own way and clients look for personality and spark, tempered with good discipline. Working hours can be long and tiring – it is up to you to decide if your child is up to it.

A parent or guardian are required to be on the shoot at all times. Please do not bring along other children.

You may not shoot any nudity or implied nudity. The least you may have on is a swim suit.

If a makeup artist is provided, please arrive with clean hair and face, without any traces of make-up. if asked to do your own make up and hair, arrive with complete natural make-up, take along a selection of lipsticks, eye shadows, a good foundation and face powder.

For hair, please bring a brush, comb, gel, hairspray and a few hair accessories for longer hair.

Your nails should be trimmed, clean, and possibly painted. Always check with the Photographer to make sure your nails are painted a color that will go with the shoot. Make sure that your nails are neatly done. No chipped nails or polish on your fingers.

Armpits, if you shave, should be clean shaven. No deodorant residue should be present either.

Take a basic grooming kit to include, cover up, foundation, lip salve, transparent face powder as well as a hair styling kit, consisting of gel, wax, hairspray and a brush.

Make sure your nails are clean and tidy.

Make sure facial hair is neat or clean shaven and your hair is clean and ready to be styled.

Men and Women
You should always show up in loose clothing so you do not get clothing lines or red lines. Women, no bras if at all possible. This is especially important if doing anything less than fully clothed or bare shoulders.

If you shave or wax for nudity or any sort, please be so. The day before is best to eliminate any redness.

If you are natural for nudity, please be trimmed.

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