Staying Young

Models rely on their looks to remain in the modeling industry. Jobs are booked because of a model’s youth, physique, etc. To bag the jobs from agencies, models should maintain their beauty. First impressions are important; agencies will most likely book a model with striking appearance rather than a dull looking model. Since looks are a major part of a model’s job, then taking good care of them should be priority number one. Here are some tips to maintain that model beauty:


Skin exfoliation – models cannot avoid showing some skin on the job. Depending on what they are modeling, the skin will be exposed, and usually quite a lot of it! Therefore, models should exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh looking skin to improve its texture and its overall appearance. Be careful when exfoliating that the skin is not scrubbed to the point of dryness.






Use Epsom Salts – apply Epsom salts to the skin and the hair to give a shinier and more lustrous appearance. A teaspoon of this regularly is enough to exfoliate the face. You can also use this as make up remover. For the hair, mix the Epsom salt (1 to 2 teaspoons) with the conditioner that you use. Put the mixture in the microwave to make warm it up. Apply it on the hair and rinse. This will give hair volume.


Control Frizz – models go through various style changes, especially hair styles. Shoots will often require the hair to be stretched, colored, teased, curled, etc and these can lead to damage. However, this should not be an excuse for models to have frizzy hair. To keep the hair healthy and good looking, models usually use night cream on the hair before and after shoots. That way, the frizzy hair can be smoothed. Make sure you select creamy and heavy cream to make the trick work. Apply on the roots and not the ends to avoid getting a greasy look.


Protect yourself from the sun – even if it’s just a day out, do not overlook putting sunscreen. Avoid dryness, dark spots and skin irritation from the sun by applying sunscreen.


Hydrate – water is a necessity. Always hydrate yourself to replenish and flush out the toxins in the body. This will keep not only your skin but your body healthy. Models usually have exhausting hours of work and the best way to keep up with it is by keeping hydrated.



By Mike Wheatley

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